Gas-turbine power stations PAES-2500, -2500B and EG-2500
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  • within the temperature range of -50 to +45C
  • on gaseous or liquid fuel
  • at base and peak conditions
  • supplying power to independent load and in parallel with the network


  • high quality of energy generated
  • reliability and service life durability
  • automatic syncronizing with the main network and similar power generating units
  • level of noise and emissions within the limits of sanitary standards


  • gas turbine engine and starting unit
  • generator and unitized switchgear
  • fuel supply and lubricating systems
  • engine and generator control panel
  • inlet and exhaust noise silincers
  • set of spare parts, tools, devices and mounting equipment
  • maintenance publications


  • by road
  • by rails
  • by water
  • by air


  • at minimum consumers expenses
  • under constant suppliers supervision
  • in temperate and tropical climatic zones
  • high service level
  • quality repair of engine and other facilities
  • assistance of manufacturers skilled specialists


  • Zaporozhye Motor Sich JSC, with its headquarters plant founded in 1916, for a long time occupies with confidence a deserving place among the world's leading aircraft engine-building companies. Long way has been passed from creating and putting into production the aircraft water-cooled piston engines to production of up-to-date competitive in the world market turbojet, turbofan and propfan engines, as well as industrial gas-turbine drives and power generating units.
  • The products manufactured by the Company are operated in 114 countries world-wide.
  • The quality system has been certified by the Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) transnational company for compliance with requirements of the ISO 9001 International Standard as regards manufacture, overhaul, and aftersales support of aircraft engines and D-336 family gas-turbine drives as well as development of gas-turbine power stations to be certified in the United States.
  • High quality and reliability of manufactured products are ensured by the use of advanced technologies, modern equipment and high level of production engineering.
  • Services provided include: marketing, export/import, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance, overhaul and current repairs, training of technical personnel, foundation of overhaul facilities, selling licences, patents, and know-how. You may find Motor Sich not only as a highly potential and efficient Company, but as a reliable partner, which is always ready to satisfy customer's demands.
Base modification PAES-2500
mobile, automated,
f = 50 Hz
Series production since 1970
mobile, automated,
of tropical version,
f = 60 Hz
Series production since 1989
block-transportable modification,
f = 50 Hz
Series production since 1993


Gas-turbine power generating units of Motor Sich PAES-2500, PAES-2500B, EG-2500 type are intended to be used as the main electric power source for industrial and domestic consumers, in the absence of trunk power network, as well as the emergency power supply for the peak loads in the presence of trunk mains.

The power generating units can carry the independent load and operate in parallel with the system of any power, to do this they are stocked with all the necessary equipment. The power generating units burn gaseous or liquid fuel.

More than 1500 power generating units are in operation in various climatic zones within the temperature range of -50 to +55C.


Operating characteristics MOTOR SICH PAES-2500 PAES-2500B EG-2500
Power, kW:
   rated power250025002500
   maximum power275027502750
urrentalternating, three-phase
Voltage, V6300138006300(13800)
Frequency, Hz506050(60)
Power factor0.80.80.8
Engine effective efficiency0.240.240.24
Fuelnatural or casing-head gas, diesel fuel, kerosene
Overall dimensions, mm:
Mass, kg285002850034500

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